Let The Fun Begin!

Coding for kids lessons

The lessons start with an introduction on how to use the basic commands. We gradually advance to more complex challenges covering new Computer Science concepts along the way.

Getting a robot

If you still do not have a robot to play, check how you can get one here.

Lesson 1: Move Forward

Move the robot one square forward.

Lesson 2: Move forward 2 squares

Robotics for kids: Move the robot two squares forward by combining multiple command blocks.

Lesson 3: Pick-up

Learn how to pick-up objects with your robot.

Lesson 4: Pick-up and drop

Hour of code: Learn how to pick-up an object with your robot and deliver it to the goal.

Lesson 5: Transport block

Robotics for kids: Learn how to transport objects with your robot to anywhere you want. That is a perfect coding for kids challenge that can be used on a hour of code engagement.

Lesson 6: Loops

Coding for kids: Learn how to use repetition loops to make your robot go a full lap around the course.