Welcome to BluPants

Welcome to BluPants

Welcome to BluPantsWelcome to BluPantsWelcome to BluPants

Our goal is to make robotics and programming accessible to everyone.

About Us

BluPants Coding Lab Demo

Kids can start coding even before they've completely developed their reading skills. 

BluPants Setup

Check out how to connect BluPants to your network when using it for the very first time.

The Community

BluPants is for you

Our robots are designed to be affordable and easy to build. You can use our free coding lab to connect your robot and start programming it right away.

You may start coding with very basic drag and drop blocks and little by little advance to more sophisticated commands. You keep sharping your skills up to the point you may want to completely switch to Python programming language to write your code. 

Learning is fun

Programming becomes much more fun when you break through the cyberspace boundaries. You will interact with your code like never before as your robot binds the physical and the cyber universes.

That's literally changing the world with your new coding skills.

All Ages

Our coding lab allows young children to code by using simple drag and drop blocks. Readers can advance to blocks with more refined instructions. High school and College students can use Python for developing projects with A.I. and Computer Vision. 

BluPants can be used all the way up through the programming ladder. Fun is granted for all kids from the age of 5 to 99.

Everyone is invited

BluPants is open to everyone. Compatibility with a variety of existing robotics hardware makes our robots more affordable. At the same time, it gives unlimited flexibility to expand BluPants as far as the human imagination can reach.

Everyone is invited. People from developing and developed countries all around the world are all included. We want you to be part of the future no matter where you are.


We rely on broader communities to bring you BluPants. Our platform is based on the following technologies:



Raspberry Pi



Let's build it

You can help our community by supporting our Kickstarter project.